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Yassen Hassan

yassen hassan

I started my photography in 2008, I purchased a Nikon D40 and really started to enjoy taking random landscape pictures and everyday photos. In order to improve my photography skills I used to take repeated of shots of the same image again and again. I would even travel to different locations at different times in the day and during different seasons so i could pick up different moments and textures of the same image. I love the aspect different photos can bring to any moment whilst at any location. Whilst you can learn a great deal from other photographers I have learnt perhaps more from studying my own work with a critical eye and a desire to improve.

I will be travelling to a few different locations in the U.S.A and Africa in the foreseeable future and I look forward to setting up some exhibitions of my work. I am also going to be doing some studio photography of objects and people and will be planning on setting up my own website. There are so many things I want to do but most importantly I want to work hard and continue to display nature and all of its photographic beauty.

My photos

My photos can be colourful, very calm and peaceful, loud and wild but always, I hope, creative. I like to show the absolute beauty in every image I take, I like to show what character and beauty the world displays on a daily basis.

To Contact me with any Questions or Queries please feel free to drop me an email at yassen2007 at aol dot com