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Tom Middlemas
Search And Rescue Dog Trainer

They say that a dog is a man's best friend but who is a dog's best friend? Well, after extensive research, the general consensus seems to be that it's Tom Middlemas.

Search and Rescue dog

Tom is an internationally respected trainer of search and rescue dogs. He has been all over the world teaching his unique natural training method. His method involves teaching dogs and humans to work together using the dog's natural instincts; as opposed to humans pressurising dogs into certain behaviour. This method is now used in countries ranging from Scotland to Australia and has been instrumental in saving many people's lives.

As Tom's grandfather worked with horses, sheepdogs, hunting dogs and even wild animals, animals became a big part of Tom's life from an early age. He studied animal sciences at masters degree level and went on to do a PhD in animal therapies; although he says he has learnt much of his craft from the animals themselves. He has studied wolf packs on two separate occasions during his career and learnt a lot about the formative phases of young animals from them. His own wolf hybrid, Kai, has also taught him much about animal behaviour.

Over the past 35 years Tom has tirelessly worked to improve the standards and abilities of search and rescue dogs. It seems, however, that training over 500 dogs a year; being involved in over 750 searches for missing persons; giving workshops and seminars etc. all over the world to teach people his unique style of dog training, isn't enough for Tom. During his career he has also been a successful hydrotherapy pool manager, an equine massage advisor, a nutritional advisor, he has supplied dogs to the police and the military, been an animal trainer for film work; the list goes on and on.

At the time of writing this, Tom is 63 years old and plans to relax with his blood hounds in a few years time but until then he plans to spend his time consolidating his work and training people in different countries to be instructors.