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Tanya has registered copyright of her books with Copyright House.

Tanya Anderson
Author, poet

Tanya Anderson is a most versatile author, writing children's novels (age 8 +), children's picture books (ages 2 to 7) and adult novels. She was lucky enough to be born into a family that gave creative arts a high priority. Tanya's mother encouraged her to do many creative activities, such as writing, drawing, knitting, sewing and cooking, all of which she still does today. As an eight year old her passion for writing soon began to outshine these other activities. She was given additional classes in literature, reading and writing and started to write a daily diary every time she and her family went away on holiday.

As a teenager she released her emotions through her writing. She started logging incidents that happened to her at boarding school but sometimes had difficulty conveying her adolescent emotions. It was on such occasions that she discovered her aptitude for poetry; she found it allowed her to express her feelings more comprehensively than prose.

Tanya has gone on to use her poetic skills in her children's picture books aimed at 2 - 7 year olds. They are written in rhyme and based on fun, active themes such as sport, drama and parties; every event a child loves to be taken to and engage in. One such book, entitled 'It's time for the Jungle Games', is about a jungle animal's version of the Olympic games. A hurdling leopard, a sprinting tiger, a high jumping giraffe – to name but a few – all compete. Not every animal wins a medal but with the aid of wonderful illustrations and fun rhymes, they all must win any young child's affection.




Tanya is currently
           working on
                    a children's
                        picture book called
                                        "Bagpipe Bees".
 This will
        surely give
             a whole new meaning
                                 to drone bees!



Having travelled around the world from a very young age, Tanya has many exciting tales to tell. These tales, together with her adventures at boarding school, provide her with a wealth of inspiration for her children's novels.

Lisa and Tabby (Children aged 8 plus)

"Shy and reserved, Lisa Somerfield sat quietly in the back row. As the assembly hall filled up and the noise level of excited high pitch voices rose, Lisa kept her eyes on the floor. She never liked to draw attention to herself. Lisa only realised someone had sat next to her when a soft voice giggled, making her look up. From that moment onwards, Lisa and Tabby became best friends. Both so different in so many ways, but at the same time so supportive and strong. Their lives had already taken many twists and turns but that was only the start."

Tanya's adult novels relate to families, communities and anyone who has made, or feels they want to make, a change in direction in their lives. Here is an extract from her latest adult novel:

The Wooden Box

"The Harpers and Catlings had always live in Blainsford, a small mining village in South Wales. Family members had left home to join the army and fight for King and country, some not returning, but otherwise no one ever left the village. Why should they? They lived a happy enough life. But when Patrick suddenly announced that he was leaving, everything changed. Postcards began to arrive at the house, showing far off places, sunshine and beaches, not even comparable to the dark, wet hills of Blainsford. But the biggest surprise was still to come, when Annie announced to her mum and dad that she was engaged and leaving home."

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