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Ron has registered copyright of all his songs with Copyright House.

Ron Ricoh
Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist

This is the story of a Filipino, living in Ireland, playing rock/pop music with a world music edge. You don't believe me!? Well ladies and gentlemen, I give you Ron Ricoh!

Ron Ricoh

Ronald Ricohermoso Anonuevo was born in Santa Cruz, Marinduque, Philippines. Ronald has loved singing since childhood. He was only 8 years old when he first joined a band. It was during a summer break and he had to ask for his parents permission because the band played at a local nightclub. His parents thankfully agreed under the condition that he only drank single shots of whisky, no doubles....I'M JOKING! However this gig had to end when he returned to school.

Ron Ricoh
After university Ron formed a rock band and regularly gigged for 2 years in the Philippines. Then in true rock and roll style he got a job in the government! Ron worked for the government for the next 20 years. When the job ended he wanted to give more time to his music and join an all-Filipino band. So in 2008 he took the only logical course of action and moved, with his family, to Limerick in Ireland!

Soon after moving to Limerick - and yes, Ron did indeed find and join an all-Filipino band - he discovered that it was possible for him to write music and make musical arrangements using pc software. Ron's belated technological revelation really took his music to another level. As he became familiar with MIDI and sequencing, so his new, modern, musical style began to emerge.

Inspired by musicians such as Toto and Bryan Adams, Ronald's music has a pop, rock feel combined with a soulful, world music feel born from Ron's Filipino roots. Ronald has posted his first fully mixed and mastered single "Gumising Ka, Panaginip Lang Yan" on social network sites such as Facebook, along with a couple of demo tracks from his forthcoming debut album. He is currently working hard to get the album out as quickly as possible.