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Dr Peter Haddon
Executive Coach And Mentor

Peter Haddon

I started executive coaching 33 years ago through having the desire and the abilities to inspire and empower others. I found I had a natural talent to help others and nurtured that through extensive courses and academic degrees. (I have a Ph.D, a DBA, an MBA, and a B.Comm degree.)

I help clients identify the limiting beliefs, mostly sub-conscious, that may be holding them back and transforming them into empowering beliefs that align with their goals. Providing an essential accountability process to ensure that clients not only know what to do and how to do it but actually take ACTION consistently. I have done this through numerous speaking engagements, magazine interviews, guest presentations on workshops & seminars.

The feedback I get from my clients over the years has greatly influenced my work and has led to the continuous development of my Top Achievers Coaching/Mentoring Programme. I have also been influenced by implementing the principles and techniques of my coaching programme into my own life, in effect becoming "a product of the product". Notable individuals, both past and present, who have positively influenced me include: Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, Dr. Viktor Frankl, Dr. Albert Ellis, Douglas Bader, Margaret Thatcher, Bill Clinton, Rudi Guilliani, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Anthony Robbins, Dr.Walter Doyle Staples, Jinny Ditzler, Jim Rohn, Dr. Milton Erikson, Dr. Reg Barrett, Dr. Napoleon Hill, Dan Sullivan, Dr. Maxwell Maltz, Og Mandino, Tom Liston, Francois Pienaar, Bruce Fordyce.

I was previously editor of a personal development magazine in South Africa; have authored the books, "Be The Best You Can" and "Mastering Personal and Interpersonal Skills"; and have recorded CD's, DVD's and a selection of presentations on Youtube. I am about to launch my Top Achievers Distance-Learning Programme, a 9-module video-based course, supplemented with webinars, for individuals who, for one reason or another, cannot attend my "one-to-one" or group coaching programmes. In addition to continuing my "one-to-one", group coaching and distance-learning programmes, I would like to introduce my programmes into schools and the retirement market as I know there would be tremendous benefits to both.