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Michael Bishop has registered copyright with Copyright House.

Michael Bishop
Musician, Composer

Michael had piano lessons as a child then switched to guitar. He then went on to play in numerous bands of various styles. In one of these bands he played spaghetti western music and other film themes, based on the work of Morricone, Hefti, Barry and others. This got him interested in composing. As a composer he has something of an eclectic style, born out of a diverse and complete appreciation of music, from film scores to classical music to jazz to pop.

Michael's musical talent has so far led him to: compose music for BBC4 arts documentaries, including 'The art of Cornwall' and 'This green and pleasant land'; write a score for Fiona Geilinger's short film, 'Wallpaper', shown at the B.F.I London film festival; make an ambient piano and synth album for Sync-music; and write music for a commercial promoting tourism in Laos. He is currently playing live with a gypsy jazz band whilst writing a score for Fiona Geilinger’s new short film and pieces for theguitarlibrarycouk.

The Art of Cornwall - Music by Michael Bishop
The Cellist - Music by Michael Bishop