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Michael has registered copyright his songs with Copyright House.

Michael Barton
Musician, Songwriter

What does music inspired by nature, Mike Oldfield and the Rolling Stones sound like?
Can't imagine?
Well, you're about to find out.

Michael Barton is a self-taught musician/songwriter. Although he considers himself to be primarily a keyboard player, his natural talent and ability to play by ear has enabled him to learn many different instruments without ever reading a note of music.

His interest in music was first piqued back in the early 60's. Inspired by The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Gerry and the Pacemakers etc., he and some school friends decided that they wanted to form a group. At first they made their own guitars but decided that it might be a good idea to buy some cheap second hand ones after the home made ones blew up in their faces! After also buying a cheap second hand drum set, they started copying the styles of their favourite bands and did a few local gigs. The band didn't last long but Michael's musical journey had just begun.

As his life developed and unfolded so did his music; and it continues to do so. Over the years he has enjoyed and gained inspiration from music throughout the whole spectrum; this is reflected in his progression from the early Stones/Beatles based band to his music of today. He now writes in an orchestral style aimed towards film and TV incidental music as well as New Age mood music. He hopes that some of his music will stimulate and uplift the minds of some people and help them relax and be taken on a journey of enlightenment.

Why don't you try it and see? Here's a track from his 'Harmony' album:

Chillout - Michael Barton

Michael has so far produced many albums, each one being different and, “hopefully pleasing to the ear”. He is currently working a new album which I'm sure will be no different.

Sleep State - Michael Barton (from Echo's Of The Future)

His greatest wish is to sell his music to TV and film companies, although he has had his music used on television before...albeit unwittingly. Many years ago he created some music which he (being rather naïve) gave to various people including radio stations and agents. Nothing came of this: at least not for Michael. However, someone put their name to one of his cassette tapes without his knowledge and some of his music was used in a few adverts abroad. He had not registered his copyright at the time so he could do nothing about it... but this time it is different!

If you like Michael's music or would like to contact him for any other reason he would love to hear from you. Send him an email at: