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Michael Amos
Writer, Artist

Michael Amos

I started writing mostly because I love reading, I would spend days discovering new books and their stories. I first began writing when I was ill and decided to give it a go, now I am working on completing my own book and look for other opportunities in different forms.

blue creature

I gained a lot of experience from studying English but also from acquiring ideas from the world around me. I also joined a team working on creating a flash computer game of which I was the story writer and that also helped greatly increase my skill for my own works.


I mostly work in the fantasy genre, although when looking for other projects I have no trouble working in other styles. I like to try and make my work exciting and original and having a unique twist which would appeal greatly to the reader.

red head

A lot of great books have been an important influence for me, but also art and music which helps create my own ideas, while the environment I live in contributes daily to my imagination.

game screenshot

I have worked on a successful flash game "age of shurikens" which combines the genres of fantasy, with beautiful fitting music and art done by other artists. I worked on creating events the player would go through and how he would influence the story himself by choosing different paths. You can check out the game at:
www dot coolroystudio dot com/aos/
I have written other short projects which I might pick up later on, but I am currently trying to build my portfolio and complete my own work.


I am currently working on my own projects which will be my first completed book, yet I am also working on a art project where I am creating a short philosophical story where I will illustrate each page accordingly with its meaning and style. I am also looking for other projects with teams such as short stories for anthologies and works in the game industry.


I hope to complete my own set of books, but yet have lots of other works in different forms such as computer games, short stories and possibly illustrating some of my own work.

You can contact me at: amosnakee at hotmail dot fr