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Mark Miles has registered copyright of 6 songs with Copyright House so far.

Mark Miles
Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist

Mark Miles

I'm a self taught musician - I've learnt from other musicians, playing in bands and just loving everything about the guitar. When I was around 14 years old I used to dream about playing guitar. I saw a band at the school talent contest do some Hawkwind covers - from then I was hooked. So I pestered my parents for a really bad cheese wire guitar and start making noises which over time became more and more musical. Over the years I learnt more about other instruments and how to put them together to make a song. Still learning something new everyday.

I have played in bands from the age of 15 and although I am not currently in one, I would like to be. So looking for offers!

I write rock/blues songs with a slightly dark edge to them. Although I am used to writing alone, I have recently started a new collaborative songwriting venture. I would very much like to find more collaborators and singers who would like to perform my songs either on their or with me. I plan to record a CD of my own songs soon. In the meantime here are some of my songs for you to listen to.

Brimstone And Lace
Mark Miles

Forevermore Remix
Mark Miles

Running Away
Mark Miles