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Luke has registered copyright of his songs with Copyright House.

Luke Cusato
Musician, Songwriter, Pianist, Vocalist

Luke is a young talented pianist, singer, songwriter from Chester. He's the sort of musician that those of us that have spent many years of hard work just to become proficient, hate! Without any formal lessons – he learnt the piano through a friend – he has become a brilliant musician in just four years. He plays by ear, picking things up straight away; he can play any style, classical, rock, R&B, pop; he can write in any style, as well as combining his influences to create his own sound and he has already gained much performing and collaborating experience. Alright I'll admit it, I'm jealous. I'll deal with it!

At the time of writing this Luke is studying for a Btec in Level 3 Music Practice at West Cheshire College whilst performing in local pubs, festivals and hotels in and around Cheshire and Liverpool. Luke started his musical journey in his early to mid-teens – quite late compared to many musicians. He started performing very early on in his musical development, primarily playing as part of a duo. While much of his early playing experience has seen him joining forces with other artists, he plans to develop himself as a solo artist in the near future.

Currently working on a new EP, Luke displays his versatility and abilities in many genres of music in collaboration with various other artists. Here is a sample from this forthcoming EP for your delectation, it's called...hmm what was it called again - oh yes it's called, 'Unforgettable'(forgive my childish humour).


To hear more of Luke's music go to Soundcloud and search for 'luke-francesco-cusato' or you can find him on Facebook.