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Kurt Hartle
Musician, Composer

Kurt Hartle

Music began for me at the age of eleven. I played several woodwind instruments, and a couple low brass as well in my youth. Later, I was self-taught on the classical guitar. In recent years the piano has become my instrument of choice for composition, although I'm certainly no pianist.

I started working with students and horses in Dressage; this prevented any serious musical pursuits. As the years went on I reached a certain age where I thought I'd try my hand at composing. Thus, over the past few years a body of work began to emerge. When efforts to compose are most fluid I feel as if I am merely a conduit through which the sounds and rythmns pass. The craft somehow, it seems, develops of it's own accord.

Hunter's Moon
by Kurt Hartle

The sounds I am drawn to flow, with an air of predictability balanced with gentle surprise. Moods may vary. As a composer I am not afraid to engage depth, peril, mystery, joy, sadness. All of these are human emotions and equally, at their respective times, deserve representation and exploration. My style is largely rooted in Classical sounds but blends or is sometimes overtaken by a light jazz influence. As a listener of music I have enjoyed Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Sor, Albeniz, Mahler, and many others. More current influences include John Williams and George Winston.

Suffolk Skies
by Kurt Hartle

No longer a performer - although I have happy memories as a woodwind soloist in my youth and several public performances on the classical guitar quite some years ago - I am currently working on a second album to follow the release of my first album called Suffolk Skies. It has been a substantial learning curve to produce the first album...especially for someone who is more at home with living creatures than electronic media. Still, the challenge is to carry on creating music with the feel of a live ensemble (alone in the studio) until such time as ensembles see fit to include my works in live performances.

I shall continue to obey the strong creative impulse within. I have begun to receive individual commissions and hope that my sounds and music will inspire lasting enjoyment in the years to come.