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Ken Jones
Musician, Composer, Songwriter, Lyricist

When I was five years old, my parents introduced me to "Piano Lessons" and from that moment I was hooked, despite the un-ending 'practice' and early reticence to do so. I fell increasingly in love with the beauty, the nuances and the intricacies of music over a period of years, and consistently developed my appreciation and abilities. I wanted to play and feel the hairs stand up on the back of my neck, and to make others feel the same way. I became a keyboard vocalist and manipulated the wonders of the Korg and Roland arranger keyboards, plus other synths, to fit my personal tastes.

My compositional style could be described as romantic, but that doesn't mean everything is weepy and sugar sweet. My taste in music broadly speaking is "anything that has genuine musical credibility" This leaves the field open for any type of music, fast or slow, modern or retro, heavy or light. I fondly remember Mantovani and that era, but I also admire some of Eminem's works. Thomas the Tank and Bertie Bus figure in my experiences, but most of my musical 'shivers' revolve around the sixties, in my opinion the most musically rewarding decade there has ever been, my musical memories maybe enhanced because of my teenage-moulded emotional state!!

Absolutely Jupiter

Absolutely Jupiter
by Ken Jones

In my early 'music' years, Bobby Vee, Dion, Paul Anka, and other American influences. Then a few years forward The Crystals, The Ronettes, and the like. Fast forward a bit more and the Eagles made me purr. Tom Jones (yeah!) and the Fortunes floated my boat. There were many more artistes who gave me the same pleasure, such as the Isley Brothers, and my absolute favourite single for years was "Needles & Pins" by the Searchers. That one really made my mind race musically and my blood boil romantically; but if I had to boil it down to the biggest influences on my music I would have to say Gilbert O'Sullivan and the Beatles were the Tops (the other Mersey bands played their part as well) Elton John carried on their tradition in later years. But there were many more, both earlier and later, that I have not mentioned here.


Livin' Without Her Love
by Ken Jones

I played for a number of years all over clubs in England and Wales, and also played a few summer seasons in Majorca and the Canary Islands. I have written and played a number of compositions for various outlets over the years, but did it for love! (silly me!) I once had a composition accepted with the intention of it being used as a theme tune for a new television series on Channel Four TV. Unfortunately just before the series was due to begin, financial constraints meant that the TV channel had to make cutbacks and sadly that particular series was among the cuts. So the world never got to hear my creation. It had a bad effect on me and was the catalyst for my moving into live club-type performances.


Cosmic Dance
by Ken Jones

I have many songs and instrumentals already composed and in various stages of production, ranging across the whole spectrum of music. Old, new, adult, children's music, songs, instrumentals, musical scores for blockbusters and sci-fi, basically anything you care to mention. But I feel that most of my work & maybe the best of my work has not yet been created. I am open to all suggestions for creation of credible music of any genre.

I hope to take my music to the wide world of musical entertainment. Although I would love to make a trillion from my music, I will be satisfied to eke out a living making and creating music; because my real motivation is making sweet, sweet music, and making all the parts fit together to make the richest sounds possible. Anything that can make you physically laugh out loud or cry real tears merely by interacting with an otherwise inanimate object is the most powerful and rewarding experience possible to create, and my greatest gratitude goes to my dear parents who put me to the piano at the age of five years and in the process made me what I am today.