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Jonathon has registered copyright of his songs with Copyright House.

Jonathon Tan
Musician, Songwriter

I started playing the 'cello at 6 years old and developed a love for music from a young age. At the age if 11 I started playing drums in a band and then a friend taught me to play Wild Thing on the guitar when I was about 12. Over the next few years I learned the bass guitar and piano, all self taught.


I have since performed all over place: from dingy pubs and clubs to the Royal Albert Hall and the Royal Festival Hall; from orchestral to solo; from jazz to rock. I also sang in a successful Function Band for a couple of years.

After finishing my music degree, I went on to work for a company who taught musical instruments to children in under privileged areas. I'm now the music teacher at a Primary School and I love writing songs for the children to sing.

Yo Ho, Off We Go

I now write fun, educational, cheesy, enjoyable songs for children to engage in and am hoping to have as many 'Mr Tan the Music Man' books in as many Primary Schools around the UK as possible. A songbook is about to come out for the whole Primary School where I teach. Once that is out, the next thing will be a Ukulele beginners book (which is pretty much ready) and then something specifically for early years and then something specific for history!