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John Harrison has registered his copyright with Copyright House.

John Harrison
Singer, Songwriter

As a child I used to enjoy listening to early Beatles music; I loved the melodic songs they produced. From them I enjoyed listening to Slade, T.Rex, The Who, James Taylor, and most of the 70/80/90/noughties Rock bands but guitar bands in general. I started writing my own songs at the age of nine and slowly built up my skills after learning to play various instruments. My desire to write great songs combined with my instinct and perserverance drove me forward into a career in music. During the 80's I did a lot of live playing, but stopped to concentrate on writing and recording my own music as a solo artist. Today, I would say that the songs I write are mainly commercial but I write in all genres to keep it as interesting for me, as a singer/songwriter, as possible.

Don't Stop This Love
- John Harrison

- John Harrison

Natural High
- John Harrison

I have produced 6 albums to date of my own work and am currently working on my 7th, planned at being released sometime this year. I am fortunate enough to have just had another charity single/video download be a success; I like to do one or two charity songs a year for good causes. In the future I plan to carry on writing great songs with the outcome being for a major artist to pick one of my tracks and push me into a higher songwriting bracket. I wish to write for and work with other artists on various music projects whilst doing my own albums at the same time.

To find out more about John visit:
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