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Joan Fox
Musician, Songwriter

Joan Fox

My love of music began at the age of 7 when I started having piano lessons. I continued with these until I was 16 and then life took over and my music was left by the wayside. I have recently retired and seeing an ad in a local paper about a local music academy inspired me to take it up again. One of my assignments at the academy was melody writing and once I started I realised how much I loved it. With great encouragement from my excellent tutor, the melodies just flooded out of me. I don't know where they come from and I get totally lost in the music.

Music and songwriting has helped me on a very personal level. The death of my grandson, as you can imagine, hit me very hard and so I started writing songs about him to help me get over the loss.

I hope to soon be making a recording of the first song I wrote with the help of my son singing the lead vocal on it. I can sing myself but wish to have more lessons at the music academy

I love Irish country music and I would say my first song is something of an Irish ballad. However, that is not the only style I write in, my second song has more of a swing feel.