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Jo Bond and Victoria Halliwell
Design Artists

teddy bobs glass bobs teddy bobs 2

We decided to design a cap badge for ourselves and our children and some close friends, as a morale boost, when our husbands were deployed in early 2012. We called it B.O.B.S(Babes/Babies Of British Soldiers) and it soon spread throughout our Unit and Garrison. We then decided to design a cap badge for the friends and families of Serving Personnel, calling it F.O.B.S. (Friends/Family Of British Soldiers). We have since been approached by some partners of the Services and have changed 'Soldiers' to 'Services'. All of the clothing and products available will have either a B.O.B.S. or F.O.B.S. Cap badge with your heroes Regimental or Corps Cap badge (optional) and the customer can decide on their own personal message to put on the reverse. All of our products are embroidered to a very high standard. In September 2012 we hosted a Charity Fund Raiser for Soldiers In Mind where the local paper attended and we got 3/4 of a page on our event with pictures etc. We also had a brief interview with a local radio station and BFBS radio station. At the moment we are working on a jewellery and baby range and hope to, in the future, supply the whole of HM Forces with our products and designs.

Here are some of our embroidered designs:

If you wish to contact us you can do so by emailing us at: bobs2012 at mail dot com