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Nicky Clark
Invisi Hair Replacement Systems

Hagley Hall

About Nicky Clark:

Nick Clark

Nick is a creative and energetic entrepreneur who built his way up to becoming a successful business owner by starting out as a forward thinking European manager for a large multi-national corporation. From this impressive beginning, further specialist training in laser technology has lead him to develop a keen interest in the science and technology within the hair industry, of which he now encompasses in his latest venture, Invisi Biotechnologies & Hair Replacement Systems.. After spending some time researching the subject, he realised there were gaps in the market of non invasive hair and skin therapies which he could fill. This has lead the company to develop and manufacture the ‘Evolution’ hair fusion system, which is one of the most advanced systems of its kind on the market.

In his spare time Nick's a keen motor sports enthusiast and motorcyclist, having restored a Harley Davidson police issue motorbike from the USA. He is also a collector of rock music vinyl, and cover designs, displaying some of these in the hair clinic for clients to view.

Nick has continued to develop his knowledge in the field of laser technology, which has resulted in the establishment of the Invisi brand LLLT pulse laser hair re-growth machines for the UK market. The companies products and services are backed up by highly regarded surgeons in the USA, with Invisi having manufacturing facilities in France, Australia and the US.

Why Choose Invisi Hair Replacement Systems?

Nick Clark

The luxury hair clinic itself is discretely placed in the district of Hagley, bordering on south Birmingham, in the county of Worcestershire. The friendly, qualified staff at the clinic have background training in the NHS. The clinic is fully conversant with their clients busy working schedules so the clinic takes calls to book appointments up to 9:00pm.


Non Surgical Hair Integration Systems

Nick Clark’s evolution system is one of the most advanced in the world, facilitating active living: Swim; go to the gym. Invisi skin is polymer based, 100% supreme cuticle hair, with graduated hair colours and all male and female hair loss patterns catered for.

Hair Regeneration Laser Therapy

For early signs of hair loss, laser hair therapy can stimulate hair follicles; increase blood flow and help eliminate sebum build-up, which blocks follicles, acting as a storage depot for DHT responsible for hair loss.

Hair Re-growth Treatment

The clinic's ‘natural’ DHT inhibitor range is comprised of specialist Shampoos; conditioners; scalp preparations, and oral medications, all designed to stimulate hair follicle repair/growth, and create a healthy scalp environment.

Hair Thickening Programmes

The clinic's state of the art electrostatic thickening products give the immediate impression of a fuller head of hair. The fibres attach to the scalp covering thinning areas, and can boost self confidence by enhancing your appearance.

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