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Gary Montgomery and Ivo Hatfield have registered 16 copyrights with Copyright House so far.

Gary Montgomery and Ivo Hatfield
Musician, Songwriter

I was born in Larne Co. Antrim N.Ireland where I played guitar off and on since I was about 14 years old. I moved to Essex England when I was 28 years old and after a while started to play and sing in the local church band. It was here that I met Ivo Hatfield who joined the band a few months after me.

You Knew All Along

70's and 80's music has been an influence in our music and personally Bob Dylan has been a major influence in my music. We played together in our spare time for a while but then we drifted apart. We got back together about a year and a half ago when I bought myself a keyboard and started to teach myself how to play it. Writing our own songs came quickly after we got together again and just seemed like a natural progression although we were writing songs quicker than I was learning to play the keyboard lol.

Walking The Line

I am currently working on new songs and also working on improving my mixing abilities to enable us to produce a good standard music CD; the only recordings I have done in the past have been for personal listening. As both Ivo and I are over 50 years old our plans are to keep writing songs and then sell them to up and coming artists

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