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Ediri Sakpere

ediri sakpere

Ediri is a christian article writer trying to spread the word of God. He writes about faith and belief and the role of christianity in our society.
Here are some of his articles:


Accumulation of financial wealth from individual country determines the status in the society. The money influence in the country is so pronounced it can be seen, whilst some other people live in a sorry state and there brothers/sisters live in a life of luxury, where is the Love? The selfish interest of some at the expense of others puts shame on us, the wickedness of one on another. This shows the selfish interest and greed on each other, where is the Love?


The raw materials in some countries is enough to last generations but the benefit gained from the raw materials is not felt by the society that is for, stolen by our brothers, where is the Love? God knows our needs and wants, but the wealth that is meant for all is stolen in anticipation to live a life of luxury abroad. They eat very expensive food while there brothers/sisters cannot afford to eat the basic food in their community. These are people who are supposed to be my rulers/elders/friends brothers/sisters/leaders etc, so they sleep and wake up with me, where is the Love?


There is so much one will like to do, but you come down to your finances and reality sets in, everything has to be done according to the needs of the community. Then one realises that lack of finance is not the problem, because some of our rulers/leaders/elders can afford these, e.g. medical facility in the most expensive places in the world. But the leaders/elders/rulers come from the same place with me so the agonies of their brothers/sisters are known, but they want to keep up with some to boost their selfish egos out of greed, wealth that is meant for all because God knows our needs and our happiness He wants, this is stolen by some be they political leaders/elders/ruler etc, where is the Love? 


Availability of natural wealth that God gave us for our happiness He wants, does not reflect on us because of the insatiable greed of some (rulers/leaders/neighbours) out of their greed and wickedness, they want to boost their egos at the expense of others in societies, you ask yourself, where was it spent and on what? The saddest of the jigsaw puzzle is that some are our rulers/elders/friends brothers/sisters/leaders etc, so they sleep and wake up with me and are from the same community as I am, but will do anything to boost their egos at whatever cost, as long as their wants are met, where is the Love?  


It is sad what pride has done to us and we neglect our brothers/sisters forgetting, everything is done by steps. Some steps are more difficult than some, all things are done by steps. One climbs the stairs going up by steps and try not to trip, but one step at a time, you don’t want to trip and fall while going up the steps. Everything is done in life by carefully going up the steps; one has to take the right turn, because sometimes they are not as expected. Everything in life is done by the steps; one has to negotiate one step at a time especially when going up. Some steps are easier to climb than some, but one follows the right step. Everything is done by the steps, so rulers/elders/friends brothers/sisters/leaders etc, follow the right step, if not where is the Love?  


Every day when I wake up, I thank and praise God for negotiating the steps sound and safe. In God I trust for happiness I want and no matter the state of the steps, happiness I get. The GPS directs me always and works, even when it doesn't the future outcome I am not worried about, because it is known and my happiness He wants, so. WORSHIP GOD WITH ALL HEART, MIND, AND SOUL AND LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF.

By: Ediri E. Sakpere


This is a discussion most shy away from, it’s like talking on sensitive issues better left or put on the side. Anywhere you go or turn to, you are confronted with disability in the society at large, be it in developed and undeveloped world. This is more pronounced in some societies especially in some countries, discussing disabilities is like talking on taboo issues not to be talked about and not seen. This is not a subject to talk about, though it can be seen everywhere, but it should not be mentioned or talked about, why?

My experience has taught me something about disability and how ignorant I was, because most if not all I know about disabilities were based on images from the media. As someone who bill cases, be it private or legal aid, I was familiar with the term, but it was from my views which was based on Information from the media. How wrong I was about my views on disability, but living and witnessing the life of a person with what I assumed was disability,  made me realise I was the disabled person because my understanding was based on media presentation.

The media presents people with disability, especially some developing countries as people unfit to be in the society, especially developing countries. Anytime I watch a film, the portrayal of the disabled is very negative and misunderstood by the people because their views is formed from this information. A typical example of this is Nollywood films; the portrayal of disability is associated with people of little or low intelligence and this is the media image where their knowledge is formed. Disable people are portrayed mostly as stupid people and of low intelligence not to be associated with, because most in the society regards them as scroungers.

For a physical disabled to be visible in the society is swept under the carpet, disable people can be seen but not heard or be associated with, nor heard off. When I fortunately heard there opinions on the current events, it took me by surprise, how aware they were. The educational views on disability were based on (‘them say’) opinions of others, especially in the media, where awareness on this should come from. But what do we get; biased views and opinion of the disabled based on their fears and ill conceived ideas or knowledge of what they are suppose to know. So movies script writers, be aware of your stories and make sure it is on the truth on disabilities, so the portrayal of the disabled in society, reflects true life situation.

‘Love your neighbour as you Love yourself’ Disability varies in the world, physical or non physical, so you don’t have to see at all times. In some areas, it never wants to be mentioned, seen or knows about because there is a stigma to disability, so people are ashamed to be attached to it. There is so much pretence within us; it is difficult how to tell the people close about your experience as a disabled person. My experience has made me realise, the true behaviour of us on each other, be it friends or relatives. The word humble has become foreign to some close family and friends, but replaced by pride whatever the cost, especially how they are seen in the society. Where is the Love?

This experience has taught me, what exactly it means to be humble and the effects of not, be on individuals and society. Hearing it from a third party feels like a distant experience and one assumes it only happens to someone else but not you. Not everybody live to tell their life story, especially disability, ‘not me gov’ some will say or feel. The quote ‘who knows tomorrow’ makes a lot of sense because I am a living proof. If this can happen to me, it can happen to anyone, whatever your status in the society. Only God Knows tomorrow, so worship God with all your heart, soul, strength, mind and Love your neighbour as you love yourself

By: Ediri E. Sakpere


Society on Christianity as the way of life is neglected and humans come out with their ways on how to live, forgetting that God gave us  the Commandments to guide us as the way to live, for happy, He wants for us hence the Commandments, this leads to happiness and God wants us to be happy at all times, hence the Commandments. Use as guidance on how to rule and live.

The relationship of our laws and the way we live our life, you wonder why? God wants us to be happy at all times, hence the Commandments, from the beginning of time and this to lead us at all times for our happiness He wants. Our modern day law in all countries of the world is based on the Commandments, for the future outcome is not known but our happiness He wants. Looking at the law in countries of the world, you realise our laws are based on it. Consider laws in all countries of the world, you will observe that the Commandments transcend any country in the world, for our happiness God wants. The Commandments, hmmm!

‘You shall have no other gods before me. You shall not make for yourself an idol whether in the form of anything that is in heaven above, or that is on the earth beneath, or that is in water under the earth. You shall not bow down to them or worship: for I the LORD your God am a jealous God, punishing children for the iniquity of parents, to the third and the fourth generation of those who reject me, but showing steadfast love to the thousandth generation of those who love me and keep my commandments.

You shall not make wrongful use of the name the LORD your God, for the LORD will not acquit anyone who misuses his name.

Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy. For six days you shall labour and and do all your work. But the seventh day is a Sabbath to the LORD your God, you shalt not do any work, you, your son or your daughter, your male or female slave, your livestock or the alien resident in your towns. For in the six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea and all that is in them, but rested the seventh day, therefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day and consecrated it.

Honor your father and your mother, so that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is given you.
You shall not murder.
You shall not commit adultery.
You shall not steal.
You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour.
You shall not covet your neighbour’s house. You shall not covet your neighbour’s wife, or male or female slave, or ox, or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbour.

Religion and politics are too sensitive and shouldn’t be mentioned because it is too sensitive, but the truth is that we want to be happy. I remember seeing a film about the commandments and taught it was good acting but did not pay much attention to it, especially the message it conveyed, because I thought it could not happen in real life, but I was the ignorant one, I was wrong. The laws governing all the nations of the world seems to be based on the commandments the way to live and how best to live and you ask, why?

Happiness, God wants for us and to live by the commandment because He knows the outcome and He wants us to be happy at all times for the future is known and our happiness He wants, hence the Commandments. What have I got to lose, what?Love God with all your heart, soul, mind, strength, accept that Jesus Christ died for our sins and Love your neighbour as yourself.

By: Ediri E. Sakpere

History Or Happiness

'Chinua Achebe's Country, Biafra'

Being a Christian who I know sound boring to some, it has made me know things that I was not aware about. Our happiness is what God wants us to be, but how do we act on one another. He gave us the commandment on how best to live, for our happiness He wants and because we are all children of God.
In the commandment it specifically says 'do not kill' but what does man do, we kill each other under whatever guise, where is the Love? Love your neighbour as you Love yourself.

In the war, there was killing on one and another but life is secret, but what does humans do? We kill each other and give all kinds of reason to justify the taking of life. God created us and knows what outcome of the situation, trust in Him all the time. In wars there is hatred towards one another but God wants us, His children to Love each other all the time, where is Love.

We are familiar with these names, Nguge, Uba, Nzeribe, Nwobodo, Mbakwe etc. It is not where you are from but what your beliefs are. It is what can you do for the people and not, what can the community do for you. If this guides you at all times, that makes you a patriot. If people are willing to fight for you, are you willing to fight for them? That is Love. Treat others the way you want others to treat you.

History can be learnt but happiness we need, God wants us to be happy, always smiling and full of joy for our future happiness He wants, so trust God all the time.

By: Ediri E. Sakpere

New Year With Positive Outlook

At the beginning, God created the world including Adam and Eve, to support Adam He created Eve for their happiness He wants. So at the beginning of the year, I said to myself be happy all the time, no matter the circumstances always be happy because the other person might be  going through a worse situation. So always be happy, even if the situation in the country does affect how one feels, always be happy. The year starts with a greeting of happy New Year and that it will be. At the end of the year the greeting is happy Christmas, therefore in all circumstances be happy at all times, if not where is the Love?

Sitting and my television newsflash, one of the big spenders in an exclusive and expensive shop in this country and well known in the world is from home and third highest spender in the departmental store.   This is in a country with poverty so common it is obscene; some people can afford to shop in an exclusive and expensive departmental store meant for the rich and famous. Resident in this country, I find it or most people feel it is an expensive and exclusive store for the rich and famous. Price of goods and service is quite high, even to the average citizen, so when I see my people spend so much money on items regarded as an expensive and luxurious item, only made exclusively for the upper class, especially rich and famous people, I wonder and ask myself, where is the Love?


The suffering of the people is totally ignored by most ruling the country and they are supposed to serve and look for the best interest for me because that is being patriotic. But the definition of patriotism is now based on how much material wealth one accumulates, no matter who gets hurt. So the suffering of my brother, sister, friend, father, mother, enemies, etc does not affect me as long as I keep up with the Jo... The financial drought can be seen everywhere one turns and according to Forbes, a newspaper showing some individuals with their riches, the country was rated as one of the saddest and some people live in luxury, where is the Love?

For one to have a say and be listened to you must have a position of influence in the society. The say ‘by their deeds we shall know them’ determines ones role and viewed in the society because the proof is there for most people in the community because it is felt. The power influence in the society is not argued about because the foundation has been laid and the people know this. But some people assume that influence is based on your financial status, so they accumulate wealth illegally to the detriment of their brother, sister, parent, friends, and other citizens. The amount of wealth financially, does not determine your influence in the society; it might get capital wealth but never respect. Follow the way of God, you will live in the right way and follow the part of a successful way of life in society.

The main reason why I am here is to live for a purpose and to share the good news with people close and not. Happiness is what I want and that I get, so that is why I think that to have positive outlook for future generation, we live a life that our children will follow. The future is unknown so to live with purpose, I share and feel the pains and worries of brother/sister/parent/family/friends and others by experiencing it and not just be told. Year starts with celebration and to end with same because the future outcome is unknown to man. My major aim is to live a life with an outcome of happiness inside or outside of country, so the purpose of live is achieved because, outlook is not important rather my inner being, that I get and with happiness, so trust God all the time and if not, where is the Love?

Love God with your heart, mind, soul, Jesus Christ died for our sins and Love your neighbour as you Love yourself.

By: Ediri E. Sakpere


Look at the bright side of life that is what will see me all through and use as a resolution for the New Year. I look around me and one obvious thing I see or notice is the massive corruption investigation or prosecution in the country and I am supposed to stay positive. The amount of money branded is imaginable even if this is true and one wonders if it is a dream, but no it is a nightmare. Wealth God provided for all His children, for our happiness He wants, is stolen out of sheer selfishness depriving others. Everything now is me, whatever the consequences of actions, then I remember look at the bright side of life, but where is the Love?

Every morning I watch the news to get up to date, most of what one gets is how money is in or out of the country. Most of what is talked about is the retail situation and how it affects the economy, but I am supposed to be reassured because my brother/sister is in charge. On the same television, radio, newspaper and internet one gets news of investigation and prosecution of some for fraud. The amount of money involved is so much that it is enough to feed a nation and this same is enough for the community. Then you find out that the wealth stolen is by my brother/sister/mother/father/friend etc. wealth God has provided us is stolen by some out of greed for a life of luxury, while I live in a poor and horrible condition at home. But I have to look at the bright side of life if not, where is the Love?

Enough of all these complaints about the system, I need to better myself and get more educated because more educational degrees you get, the society regards you as a skilled person. The basics of life are food, shelter and clothes which are provided by people the society regards as unskilled. This group of people earn far less than their counterparts, the society regards as skilled even when they don’t provide my needs but my wants. I am hungry and need food provided by somebody the society regards as unskilled and paid far less. Some people will call me names and say he is a communist, I fail to agree that anyone who provide for my necessities earn less than someone who provide for my wants, but look at the bright side of life if not, where is the Love?

The marriage life in the society is in a bad state, marriage vows are broken and an adviser is brought in on how best to live or save the marriage. One fails to realise that the marriage counsellor is man/woman and does not know the outcome of the marriage, only God knows. On the marriage vows, it is publicly declared on the vows that ‘what God put together, let no man/woman break’. On relationship, ask any husband or wife the effects if any of the couple strays out, resulting in not keeping with the marriage commitment and breaking the oat taken. Once the vows are broken, it leads to chaos no matter what relationship expert is asked for marriage counselling and the society is witnessing this. As it is popularly said, ‘the evidence is in the eating’, but this is a new year, so look at the bright side of life, if not where is the Love?

Becoming a believer or born again made me have a wrong believe that if I become a true born again Christian, I will have a lot that one will lose out on, but it was the wrong thought. Out of curiosity, I decided to look and think about what is said if it makes any sense, then I became aware that it made more sense than I realised. A typical example is to keep your body holy, but when one visits the doctor, am told not to drink too much alcohol that it is not good for me because it is bad for your body and one does not need any proof. Another is smoking; it is written boldly on the cigarette packet that smoking is bad for your health. You waste money on cigarette one can do without and the price goes up every time, it is difficult to keep up. The other thing is, it stinks and I am saying this out of Love because a lot of people will not tell you, because they do not want to get you offended. Smoking gives you bad breathe, makes your teeth go dark and it smells especially on cloths and I am telling the truth. Love for you is why I am doing this, if not where is the Love?

This is the start of the year and it will be a selfish idea to keep my feelings because I am happy. Most people assume that to be a true believer, you should be able to give quotes from the bible. The important thing is to understand the message it is trying to tell and not how much you know of the bible. So use the bible as a way to live and not to know every chapter and verse but the message it is trying to tell. As one where the bible guides me at all times, I am not good in quoting chapters and verses, it is good but your happiness God wants so trust Him at all times. God wants all His children to be happy at all times and that is why I am sharing this with you, if not where is the Love?

'The truth will set you free' is a true quote, for I found happiness with Love and will keep. So trust God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. Love your neighbour as you love yourself.

By: Ediri E. Sakpere

Re-bottle to Religion Against Humanity By Wole Soyinka (Nobel Winner)

‘The sooner national leaders and genuine religious leaders understand this, and admit that no nation has any lack of its own dangerous loonies, be they known as Ansar-Dine of Mali, or Terry Jones of Florida, the earlier they will turn their attention to real issues truly deserving human priority. These cited clerics and their ilk are descenda nts of the ancient line of iconoclasts of Islamic, christian and other religious moulds who have destroyed the antecedent spirituality and divine emblems of the African peoples over centuries. Adherents of those African religions, who remain passionately attached to their beliefs, all the way ,across the Atlantic – in Brazil and across other parts of Latin America – have not taken to wreaking vengeance on their presumed violators in far off lands’

I am a Christian and proud to be, for it conveys peace and teaches me to LOVE at all times, that is what guides me. As Man (man & woman), I want to be happy at all times and that God wants, that is why ‘Love thy neighbour as thyself’. The keyword is LOVE and that will lead to happiness and that we want. The problem with Man ie you and I, is the difficulty or refusal to keep this commandment, because we are to Love at all times, whatever situation we find ourselves in. If Man lives by this commandment, it guides us at all times and Man lives by it, happiness is everlasting no matter the geographical location. ‘Adherents of those African religions, who remain passionately attached to their beliefs, all the way across the Atlantic – in Brazil and across other parts of Latin America – have not taken to wreaking vengeance on their presumed violators in far off lands’ This quote shows and reflects the wickedness of Man on each other, where is the Love? That reminds me, ogun, sango etc, where do/did they originate from? Was or is hate/killings in this societies, are there no tribal wars or slavery in all these communities? Where is the Love?

‘I speak as one from a nation whose normal diet of economic disparity, corruption, marginalization, ethnic and political cleavages has been further compounded by the ascendancy of religious jingoism. It is a lamentable retrogression from the nearly forgotten state of harmonious coexistence that I lived and enjoyed as a child. One takes consolation in the fact that some of us did not wait to sound warnings until the plague of religious extremism entered our borders. Our concerns began and were articulated as a concern for others, still at remote distances. Now that the largest black habitation on the globe has joined the club of religious terror under the portentous name, Boko Haram – which means ‘The Book is Taboo’ - we can morally demand help from others, but we only find them drowning in the rhetoric and rites of anger and/or contrition. Today it is the heritage and humanity of Timbuktoo. And tomorrow? The African continent must take back Mali – not later but - right now. The cost of further delay will be incalculable, and devastating’.

The ignorance of Man is unimaginable, it is not educational qualification but understanding the way God wants us to live and the guidelines is there, for our happiness God wants and that is why the Ten Commandments, to guide us on the best way to live. This does not mean we should not use experts (Man) in their field but we forget or fail to, that they are creation of God, for our happiness He wants, hence all this experts or specialists who are our brothers & sister s (neighbours) , but where is the Love?

‘Love thy neighbour as thyself’ Being a man (Man or Woman) from Delta state with different languages and places eg Ijaw, Isoko, Ishan, Igbo, Asaba, Sapele, Agbor etc. So as an Urhobo man, neighbour is anyone who is from Ijaw, Isoko, Ishan, Igbo, Anioma, Ughelli or Warri communities etc. Coming from Delta state, my neighbour is Ondo state, Oyo state, Lagos state, Kano state, Borno state, Kaduna state, Akwa Ibom state, Rivers state, Cross River state, Anambra state, Imo state and other neighbouring states. As a Nigerian, my neighbours are countries of Ghana, Cameroon, Guinea, Mali, Libya, Liberia, Tunisia, Egypt and other African countries hence ECOWAS, OAU. Being from Africa as a continent and proud to be from, my neighbours are Europe, Asia, South America, North America, and Australia. As a human being other living things, be it on earth or any other planets. So Love at all times, what have you got to lose, what?

What this boils down to is the behaviour of Man, for all these is done on fellow man out of wickedness, greed, hate etc. but where is the Love? All I have to do is to worship God with all my heart, mind, and soul. Accept that Jesus Christ died for my sins and to Love thy neighbour as thyself. Ask yourself, what have you got to lose, what?

By: Ediri E. Sakpere


The society looks down on husband, wife and children anytime the word submission is mentioned, in private or public conversations. Family is like an organisation with structures on how the household runs with the head being the father and I am not downgrading the role of a mother before I am called a chauvinist. The CEO puts how the household should be. A company with a bad organisational structure leads to bad decision at the top of the company and that is what a family is. God makes and made fathers to be head of the family, directing on how best to run it, with father the CEO. One is not saying all domestic shores is to be done by a particular parent for each might prefer a specific role or household shores. Cooking might be left to the husband because he prefers it and that he enjoys it, while the wife may want to go out and work it is down to the structure of the organisation and how it should run, that is way of family structure.

Modern way of life comes up with all sorts of way on how a family is to be, relationship advisers give opinions on marriage forgetting they do not know the outcome, but the future outcome God knows. Experts give opinion on relationship forgetting this expert is human, the outcome only God knows. Relation experts come in to advise on the best way forward which is based on their understanding, but the future outcome is unknown but only God, that is why it is publicly declared that ‘what God has joined together, let no man put asunder’. No matter what marriage councillor one turns to, once the marriage vows are broken, there will be a hefty price to pay, affecting generations including children. One observes that those who have broken the vows get seriously burnt, affecting generations no matter what expert, I wonder why.

The proof is in the society at large; some people might say here we go, preaching again whether it is good or bad. One goes out there and sees some people using obscene languages to youths and elders, it is the society we live in today and most people want to prove they are right no matter the circumstance and consequences. It is unbelievable the behaviour of some, especially our youths and a few of adults who are supposed to set a good example, how they carry their selves in public and you say to yourself, what an example. Some of them want to prove they are right, damn the consequences and they are supposed to lead and be of good example, but no I am right, where is submission? Before I forget, Lol, the phrase ‘man of God’ is used so often in some societies to describe one spreading the news, but at the beginning God created Adam and later Eve to support him for his happiness He wants. So we are all children of God, sorry I do not want to be a kill joy, I am just confused.

There is pride amongst us as long as we fit in, even if our neighbour gets hurt as long as we fit in or how we are seen in the society. Most people think that to gain respect in the society, the educational qualification determines your role or position, forget the way it was obtained. Most of our brothers/sisters/parents/relatives/friends and others want be addressed and called with some of these titles believing it boost their egos of how they are seen. All kinds of terms start to appear in front of their names, like chief, alhaji, alhaja, princess and all kinds of educational qualification, creating a divide with the people one grew up with, as long as the way they are seen fits a certain image. The pride of public image seems to be more important than way of living as long as one is viewed in a particular way and it fits with a particular lifestyle, good or bad. How one is seen or their status determines their role in society, whether it is good or bad for their community, forget the skills. Most places one turns to, you are confronted with the way one want to be seen which is mostly based on material wealth as long as one is comfortable with their way of life, forget anybody else. All one has to do is to be humble because I want better and happy life for my friends, relatives and my neighbours, if not where is the Love?

The person I have become and happy, is based on the power of submission because it makes one realise the role of my behaviour not only affects me, but it also affects people around. So a change of life for happiness God wants for His children and I want to be happy at all times so I have to submit myself to my wife, children, relatives, friends, enemies and neighbours. In life I have to give and learn to take for Love I get. With the power of submission my needs are met and I am happy, so worship God with the all your heart, soul, mind, strength and accept that Jesus Christ died for our sins. Love your neighbour as you Love yourself.

By: Ediri E. Sakpere

Way To Live Happily

Every time am fortunate to talk on how we are led, I get told my complaining is too much, what are the solutions? The complaints is or was being repeated everywhere when political or government discussion arises on how to live happily. My answer is, follow the way God wants us to, hence the Commandments, because our happiness He wants. When the laws in all countries of the world are looked in, one sees it is similar to the way God directs and wants for us, hence the Commandment because our happiness He wants.

The similarities of the laws and our ways, especially the laws we live by and the ways we live, it shows and demonstrates to us on how to live, for our future happiness God wants. If one considers, ‘You shall have no other gods before me’ it is not by magic we have all these fetishes like sango, ogun etc worshipped in some continents of the world and frowned at some areas why, It is seen as worshiping other gods.

You shall not make any idol of any, in heaven above or on earth beneath e.g mermaid. You shall not bow down to them or serve them for I the Lord your God am a jealous God, punishing children for the iniquity of parents, for their future generation. God will show steadfast love to the thousandth generation of those who love Him and keep the commandments.

You shall not wrongfully use the name of the Lord, God in vain for He will not acquit any who misuses His name.

Sabbath is a day of rest and to be kept holy, so no work should be done. But there are some people open for business on this day of rest, not observing the day of rest as required by God. Everything is profit driven at whatever cost and do not care for their brothers or sisters as long as a profit is generated. Keep this day holy, for the earth was created in six days and a rest day which happen to be Sunday. That is why it is seen and known that it is a day of worship, praises and to give thanks to God.

All societies in the world can relate to the Commandment, ‘honour your father and mother’ so that your days may be long, it is not by magic or coincidence that societies hold them with such a high esteem and their guidance forms our ways of life. Parents are held in such a high esteem because they are responsible for feeding, clothing, housing and making us positive members of community. Parents contribute on our character influence in life, so they play a major role in our life, informing how our communities should live. Character helps us to make our laws, for our happiness God wants, hence this Commandment.

You shall not murder. That is why in laws of all countries of the world, it is unacceptable for it is viewed as a serious offence. But Man comes with different reasons why killing is permissible; life is secret at all times.

You shall not commit adultery. This is evidenced in the society for it leads us to being sad at most if not all times, if adultery is committed. Most people if not all from polygamous homes can tell of the unhappiness of being in that environment of upbringing. That is why vows in marriages is ‘for better or for worse till death do us part’. If this vow is broken, God will punish children of future generations, look around you and observe.

Do not steal. In all countries on earth, it is against the law.

Not to bear false witness against your neighbour. In all countries, it is forbidden in all to give a false witness statement, it is against the law.

Do not want or seek your neighbour’s house.

Do not want or seek your neighbour’s wife and children or anything that belongs to your neighbour.

The Commandment is the guideline of how God want us to live for our future happiness is what He wants for us, so worship and praise God with all your soul, heart, mind and strength.

By: Ediri E. Sakpere

Who Do You Know

The society is riddled with all kinds of contacts, bad or good for me or you at large, so whose interest are they serving? Where is the development of the society going to come from, when all one needs is connection, forget skills? To be patriotic is not good enough especially in the country, but who you know, popularly known as ‘connection’. The society is riddled with all kinds of status, be it age, educational qualification, language you speak, where you are from, e.t.c . But money influence in the society at large seems to be the order of the day, forget how it is or was acquired. To gain respect in the society seems to be based on how much money you have, whatever way it is or was obtained, so some try to accumulate so much wealth even if it is to the detriment of their fellow citizens, where is the Love? 'Love thy neighbour as thyself’.

Educational qualification in the society at large can be noticed or felt anywhere in the society and I am not saying you shouldn’t live a comfortable life as our happiness God wants, but we should not do it to the detriment of our brothers/sister s eg, the educational sector. I have relatives, friends and fellow Naijas whose real life story is not worthy of my comments, before I get accused in some quarters of not being patriotic. ‘I love my country (Nigeria) I no go lie. I can’t help myself but say that the degradation in education sector is not worthy to write in details about. Anytime I phone home or come across a Nigerian, I am informed students are at home, why? School fees, lecturer on strike, student on strike, non payment of salaries, demand for fees by some lecturers etc. When do they obtain there qualification, did they study? But some of our people send their children to the best educational institutions in the west, no matter the cost and they are our brothers/sisters. ‘Love thy neighbour as thyself’.

We cannot talk about Nigeria without mentioning politics, ii is sad when one considers the role of Nigeria, ‘It is what you can do for your country and not, what can your country do for you’, live by this and that is called PATRIOTISM. But some of our leaders be it alhajis, alhajas, chiefs, kings, queens, Dr., professors, pastors, etc get unexplainable contracts/contract, solely based on individual connection and it is expected that these will be implemented properly, but alas, the contract has turned to a business gone wrong for the citizens. The sad part of it is that some of the contracts or projects are supposed to be for the benefit of their brothers and sisters, where is the LOVE? A typical example is the investigation and prosecution of fellow Nigerians and they know the state of the infrastructures in the country. Wealth meant for all to make us happy is stolen by some (brothers & sisters) out of pure greed, making life difficult for their brothers/sisters, while they live a life of luxury abroad and you ask yourself, where is the Love?

Why do you have to know your status in the society, why? I remember my first job interview in this country, it was not based on my status but if I can do the job, and the interview was done with somebody I have never been in contact with and I got the job. The way things are done is puzzling to Nigerians and to be honest well organized, because they are with people you have never met before. You go to the bank and stay on the queue until it gets on to your turn like everybody else, without connection and I get seen to without connection that is being PATRIOTIC. I watch Nollywood and the films are very good, though I don’t agree with the name ‘Nollywood’, that is a different day discussion. I have observed that the word IGWE and CHIEF are used so often, it reminded me of my university days, where most of my fellow students think all or most Nigerians are sons or daughters of IGWE or CHIEF as if they are the only members of the society, try and use others because we have a lot and more to offer.

Good old days, I boast to my family about my earlier days back home , especially my secondary school days in the boarding house at GCU and sweet memories they are, what an experience. I am looking forward to the next meeting by the grace of God. When I hear the news of the current state of affair, it is the opposite of what I use to know, for the future is not known, only God knows, so trust God at all times for our happiness He wants. All I have to do is Love the Lord God with all my heart, soul, mind and Love thy neighbour as thyself. Love at all times.

By: Ediri E. Sakpere

The Proof

Every time religion is mentioned in any conversation some think it is all an imagination and has to prove that it is true. To demonstrate this promise of miracle must be shown or physical proof to back up this in most, especially in so called developed countries. There are beliefs that religion is mainly for the developing countries, they believe that poverty has to do with standard of living when religion come in any conversation. People make judgement of believers mainly based on their views, especially in the so called developed countries who are supposed to lead the way. This way of thinking all seems to come from information they get from the media, most especially the effects of wars, climate and other natural disasters. An assumption is formed or made that there suffering can be avoided, forgetting that it was caused by man.

The wickedness of man on another out of fear or jealousy and you wonder if there has ever been any Love. Miracle happen every second, minute, hour, daily, weekly and every day of our life because every time one looks, feels, sees, smells, walks, eats and the list goes on. Each day that I wake up, first thing I do is to give thanks to God because some people did not, so I am one who lives to see another day. One is surrounded by miracles if you observe because it is performed on me as this article is written. I am using the keyboard to write and I am using my arm, some people do not have fingers or hands to use. Reading this article, one has to bear in mind that I have eyes to see, some people are blind for they cannot and I can, realisation comes in that miracle is happening or has happened. So I have this proof of a miracle because one can read, write an article, see, have hands and the list goes on, now that is proof.

Every day that I wake up to because some people are not here but I am here to share my story is a miracle. So worship God all the time and my happiness He wants, so in Him I trust. Love God with all heart, soul, and mind. Love your neighbour as you Love yourself.

By: Ediri E. Sakpere

Dream Or Nightmare

What a beautiful day it is and I am alive to see this day all thanks to God witnessing this so I am looking forward to enjoying this because I want to be happy all glory to God. The day is bright and beautiful because God wants me to be happy all the time but the headline news, a convicted ex-political leader or brother (biological to some) will walk the street again because he has been pardoned. The length some people will go while there brothers/sisters live in poverty because of the greed of these people and they are political leaders who are supposed to have my best interest at heart, where is the Love? Here comes the media with their headline to get more of the public so they will put salt in their stories to make the news then one later finds out it is true, is this a dream no it is nightmare. Love your neighbour as you Love yourself.

By: Ediri E. Sakpere