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Donna Giblin
Poet, Writer

donna giblin

My first introduction to poetry was at school. Throughout my life I have used poetry/writing as an emotional release. Different circumstances and changes in lifestyle bring about a variety of feelings. I choose to write mine down.

Nursery Knitting Croc

She cries in silence as she goes about her daily task.
To hide the hurt within and hope no-one asks.
For she’s a nursery knitting croc.
She spends her days knitting, for the new kids on the block.

She works hard and hardly ever plays,
This inevitably, leads to endless days.
The hurt that lies within?
She longs for her own kith and kin.
Ironic and a cruel twist of fate,
As she feels unloved, it’s all too late.

But these crocodile tears are about to stop,
For look, there’s a new handsome croc on the block.
Wow, this should put her fears to rest,
For he is a cut above, the best!

He schmooze’s and Woo’s her and well they’re in love.
The tears are no more and gone are the endless days.
Things have changed in so many ways.
No sadness now, laughter a lighter mood,
As she experiences crocodile tears from her own brood.

Donna Giblin
©21st May 2010. All rights reserved. (inspired by Esmerelda)

I don't know if I have a particular style other than my writing mirrors my life. I would say, however, that I am influenced by human nature and the actions, reactions and consequences. I find people, animals and all around us interesting, anyone or anything could influence me at different junctures. Hopefully my words are emotive enough to be understood by others.

My Boys

Scrambling up and down the hill they go.
Off on an adventure, imaginations on full flow.
Joe, would like to find a Witch or maybe Dr. Who.
Jack, well no doubt, a distressed damsel or two!
One day, Jack will get to decide the way the story goes.
Unfortunately big brothers way is law, according to Joe.
My boys, I love to watch them play.
They give me many treasured memories each passing day.
Swashbuckling and rescuing, the concentration on each face,
They’re so far away now in their own place.
Brothers in arms, I hope you stay,
And continue to show each other love everyday.

Donna Giblin
©25th Oct 2011. All rights reserved.

I write often and have entered a few competitions of topics given by the publisher. 2012 was a milestone year for me. I have been fortunate to have several pieces published by Forward Poetry and United Press.

The Game Of Life

I feel so alone, so empty inside.
It shouldn’t be this way, I’ve wept and I’ve cried.
Tears simply don’t ease the pain,
Real and sincere, but all in vain.

In vain or fear of being insecure,
In love and life, I’m not quite sure.
The challenge of love too great by far,
The walk of life, like treading the stars.

With so much love to give and so much to share,
My heart is lost, my soul is bare
I try my hardest, to no avail.
If I cannot win, I only fail.

We learn by mistakes, mistakes must be made,
For no-one said the game was easily played.
It’s a difficult game of trouble and strife,
The game that is, the game of life.

Donna Giblin
©Oct 1992. All rights reserved.