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Dongchan Lee has registered 29 copyrights with Copyright House so far.

Dongchan Lee, filmmaker, writer
Filmmaker, Writer, Musician

Dongchan Lee

Multi-talented Dongchan Lee has written various short films, thousands of poems, 15 screenplays and over one hundred music compositions. His music is improvisational; his verse is inspired; his writing reflects the essence of truth.

He has been filmmaking since 2005 and since January 2013 been involved in a documentary trilogy about Unified Super-Learning. Unified Super-Learning is a series in math, physics, and chemistry to designed to revolutionize the global education, to narrow the gap of mathematical science education between the developed and under-developed countries. Dongchan is heavily commited to this program and is determined to push it to its limit.
To find out more visit:first ray of light website