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Darren has so far registered copyright of 32 songs with Copyright House.

Darren Sharples

Singer, songwriter, guitarist

Darren Sharples

Imagine relaxing in a field on a hot sunny day and let your mind drift away. Imagine the music that would accompany this scenario - sweeping synths, jangly acoustic guitars, topped off with haunting, moody vocals. You are imagining the music of Darren Sharples.

While Darren considers the guitar to be his primary instrument, he is also a talented bass player and pianist. He started learning the guitar at the age of 14, and by the age of 16 - during the Brit Pop drenched early '90s - he was playing guitar and writing songs in his own indie band. Then....nothing! Until now. Life and love got in the way of Darren's music until 2 years ago when he built himself a home studio and started song writing again. This time he is in complete control, singing lead vocals and playing all the instruments himself.

With influences such as the Goo Goo Dolls, Stereophonics and more recently The Calling and All The Young, Darren describes his music as Indie/Rock. I would agree with that description to an extent although it doesn't convey the laid back, atmospheric quality of his sound. To me his music has a real, earthy, rootsy quality and yet somehow it manages to be floaty and dreamlike at the same time. Here are some extracts for you to listen to so you can decide for yourself.

Dancing In The Flames

Jimmy's Dancing Shoes

Living It Up (At the weekend)

Darren is currently working on his first release, a 6 track EP, which he is hoping to get out by late 2012/early2013. It will be distributed by Ditto Music and be available on iTunes and Amazon. If you'd like to hear or find out more about Darren click here to visit his web site