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Charmaine has registered copyright of 87 songs.

Charmaine aka GWTBV


Charmaine Waller is a singer/songwriter from the UK. Her pseudonym is the Girl With The Big Voice but I think it should be, the Girl With The Soulful, Jazzy, Urban, Sexy Voice Full Of Vibrancy And Attitude – I guess that's not really catchy enough!

As Charmaine was growing up she used to sing for fun but dreamt of making music her life. At the age of 18, encouraged by her family and friends, she started taking singing lessons and began turning dreams into reality.

Charmaine spent 3 years writing a whole file of songs with just a single acoustic guitar providing the backing. Writing melodies and lyrics has always come very easily to her and most of these early songs came out of jamming sessions. However it was when she opened a page on the Soundcloud website that things really started to take off for her. Soundcloud enabled Charmaine to showcase her music and as a result of this she made contacts, gained a lot of exposure and got the opportunity to work with many other musicians. Since then she has made many collaborative recordings with artists/producers such as Escape Committee, Cocoared & Soulplate, Pedro Duarte and Mikki Funk providing a House setting for her vocal talent.

A combination of hard work and raw talent has put Charmaine in a position where her vocals are greatly in demand. She has recorded jingles and voice overs for radio shows and has record companies such as Soulplate and Dejavoo Records crying out for the Girl With The Big Voice.

To find out more about Charmaine visit the myspace website: girlwiththebigvoice