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Daria Shendemirdzhi
Designer and Artist


I was a very artistic and creative person almost whole my life but my life circumstances stopped me from doing anything in this area. I started to refresh my artistic skills just recently and have now completed a few postgraduated designer courses at St. Martins Art and Design School (London).

I am in my best creative period of my life at the moment and I have got so many ideas, which I am planning to put in my future development and to start my own business. I am stylish, trendy person who absolutely mad about fashion. I love shoes, I draw shoes, I design shoes and I am in the process of learning how to make shoes. My plans are huge and incredible. I am creating and planning to open my own business of making shoes but it needs lots of investments. So my idea is to start from the scratch and to grow slowly into a bigger shoe making company.

I am in my best creative period of my life at the moment and I have got so many ideas. I want to produce an artistic, unique, designer shoe bags by using my shoe drawings; I am currently producing my first one.

You can contact Daria at:
shendemirdzhi at yahoo dot co dot uk

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