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Alistair has registered copyright of all his songs with Copyright House.

Alistair Cotton
Musician, Composer, GrooveMeister

Excuse me I'll be with you in a moment, I've just got to stop my foot from tapping. I've just been listening to some tracks by the 'tower of power' that is Alistair Cotton and still my pesky foot will not stop tapping!

I'm going to give you 2 tracks of Alistair's to listen to before you read this article so we can be moving, grooving and tapping together.

Alistair Cotton Keyboard


A lo' too loose

Alistair Cotton

Now that's better isn't it! I love that late 60's, early 70's funky, jazzy, groove music. Swinging brass, jazzy organ sounds, dug in grooves, I dig it man! (Sorry I don't know what came over me there). Alistair is not a fan of modern, overly studio-manufactured sounding productions. He tends to go for 'simplicity and the feel-good factor'.

Alistair started writing music from about the age of 12 and has continued to write ever since. He admits that when he started his music was not that good - don't be too hard on yourself Alistair, you were only 12! Through continual writing and lots of hard work he eventually grew into the slick talent that you can hear today. Alistair says that his musical development was helped by 'listening to other people's opinion without them putting me off!'. He still believes in this and enjoys people leaving comments about his music, whether they be good or bad. You too can do this by clicking here - Alistair Cotton and listening to more Cotton grooves.

Alistair is also very enthusiastic about collaboration and writing for other like-minded artists. He is extremely keen for as many people - both in and out of the industry - to listen to his music as possible!